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In the Works

I have some things in the works. Some are just thoughts, some are being in progress, and others I am not sure how to do them. I plan on making all of these become reality, one way or another. Admittedly, I should have thought about a couple of these prior, but it’s better late than never. I hope you are just as excited as I am about these future plans!


So I have been writing a little book about my life so far and the things I have learned. There were a few completed versions, at least as far as writing goes. I listened to other people and their opinions and axed those. It is a struggle to know when to stand tall about your work, or when to listen. I regret the complete deletion of my work, but nothing that can’t redo. Although by the time I am done with it, it very well may be different from the original intent.

Photo Book

Here is one that I should have thought of quicker! It’s a book solely of images, I am a photographer. I have lots images to create a book. This may sound like it is easy to do, but my struggle is finding a way to make it feel like you went on a journey through the photos. With the written books, the words carry you through the journey. It’s just photos, with some information about the image. The images visually take you on a journey.¬† A lot of stepping back so nothing is lost in translation.


I have to say this one I am super excited about. I did find a company that I thought would work. The images were mine, but they looked different. It was really subtle, and it took me comparing the images side by side. The company edited my images! They decided that they needed to be brighter and changed the color a little bit. The one with yellow flowers looked little orangey. The leaves cast in shadow, turned a nice vibrant green. I didn’t ask for them to change my images, but they did it anyways. So, I am still looking for another way to get them as puzzles. I did find¬† a way to do it myself, but that machine was pricy.


Yes I am planning on doing calendars, these should be easy to do. However finding a company that I like to do them until I can, is the hard part. I like the stapled ones, the spiral bound ones annoy me. Probably because I play with them, and then they don’t work like they are supposed to. But that is beside the point. So while I find a company to help me out for a while. This is on the back burner. One of these days I will get my printer that I want. Although I would have to stay in one area longer than a few years. It is heavy.


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