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Courage is defined by the ability to do something that frightens you or by displaying strength in the face of pain or grief. But what does this mean? For me it is simply doing things that need to be done regardless of the reasons you shouldn’t.

Photography is important to me. I love being able to walk around and find the peace and solace in nature, to capture memories and cherish them throughout time. Despite the fact that I don’t photography people, my images still hold memories. Not of what I took, but what that image reminds me of. A flower can remind you of something kind someone did for you, a child laughing while playing at a park. Those are the memories they hold. A simple reminder of what once was. In an indirect way.

However, I am plagued with not being good enough. I look at other photographs and they look so much better than mine. I question what I am doing wrong. Over time I realized that they just edit their photos more than I do. They pay attention to things I don’t. I doesn’t mean they are better than me, just different. But still I doubt. My courage is still doing what I love despite the fear of not being good enough.

Courage to still follow my dreams, live out my goals, regardless of what others do. I can still learn and grow, still dream and accomplish goals. I can still do what I love. Create images that still mean something to someone.

My courage is still holding on, even when I feel like giving up, even when I doubt my capabilities. What’s your courage? Leave a comment below, and share with your friends and family so they can as well. Also don’t forget to check out my art here.

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