Lately I have been thinking about passion and what it means; I also have been trying to figure out marketing. These two I feel the weakest in right now. I know that I am passionate about photography, especially in the area that I perform in. I love it and only a few other things rival my attention for it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it seems that all the work I am putting into it isn’t paying off. I cannot quit my day job and do this full time, a goal of mine since I began.

I feel that my problems are just a misunderstanding in marketing, if I do just the right things in the right combination, then I will be good. I have to figure out what I am doing wrong and fix it. I am making a good effort in the marketing aspect: trying to post relevant content, stay on top of my game in posting, and getting out there and trying to get noticed. I have done the whole, upload to multiple sites that help sell my work and even went to eBay and etsy to help out. Nothing that worked for me. I felt pulled in too many directions, and that I was losing control of my work and who I wanted to be. I was losing me in all the processes, plus I couldn’t figure out how to get my prices to be constant across the board. I felt overwhelmed and going nowhere.

I read a ton of marketing tips and ways to do it. The best practices for effective marketing. The funny thing is, the more I read, the more I started to understand you have to do you. If you are uncomfortable doing something, don’t do it. Marketing I have found works best if you enjoy the process of doing it, it prompts you to actually do it. This works well in all aspects of you life. I personally don’t like the idea of marketing much, I have to do it so I reach my goals. I don’t have to make it tedious and boring, I can do those things that I enjoy doing. It makes the whole marketing aspect a lot easier for me to do, my go to is to understand the reason I am doing what I am doing.

Passion, it’s the thing everyone who does photography says they have. For all my passion, I was going nowhere fast. I knew that I loved, that I was passionate, about what I was doing. The mistake I was making was I was telling you that I was passionate, not showing it. Passion is simply put an outburst of strong emotion or an intense desire for something. It is very easy to spot passion, it usually accompanies people with smiles and laughter in their eyes. They are bright while they fulfill their passions. But what about photography brought my passion? Why was I passionate about my photography?

It has taken me way to long to understand this, because it was simple. I felt the happiest when I am out in nature, it centers me, gave me a sense of peace and love. When I look at the images I create it’s like a mini flashback to that feeling. Flowers are beautiful, in all their differences, even in decay can they be beautiful. They go through horrible storms, people walking on them occasionally, and even get urinated on by animals. Through all of that they still rise up and shine for all the world to see, they tell me that no matter what I go through I can still stand up, be beautiful and accomplish whatever I want.

My desire is to bring that into the lives of those who need that moment of joy, peace, or happiness in their home or workspace. By understanding this, I can focus on this reason for my marketing, I can target people who want to have this in their lives. I can do this simply by knowing the reasons behind my passion. I can narrow down who would buy my work and where to find them. Getting yourself out to the right people can ignite your marketing. You will eventually get the results that you want, simply by understanding why you are doing it.

I want to hear your whys, so comment below.

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