It feels like forever since I last posted! I wanted to just let you know what has and will be happening in my world.

  • I am heading down to visit my Mom in Florida, so look out for beach scenes and anything else that I can get my hands on. I know it is September but it should still be warm enough to get in the water, or at least take pictures on people in the water.
  • I have finished writing the mini-book and realized I need to add more to it. Word count is a little sad at 3,675.
  • I have been going through my images for ones that I would like to sell and ones that I should just get rid of. I know I am so slow, but at least you know that I am focused on quality, so the images are coming, just not as quickly as I thought.
  • I am also looking into selling puzzles of my work, so you can get the joy of seeing them come together instead of just hanging on your wall. I’m really excited for this to happen. I have found a place to make them for me, I just need to figure out which images will make the cut!

It is a small list but like I said last time I am trying to not run around as much and focus on what I really want to do instead of just anything I can do to market my work. I feel like everything is at a manageable level.

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