I realized that I have not posted my blog for the 15th of September. I am so sorry! I went to my Mom’s and forgot that I didn’t have it scheduled to post! But I did get some pretty awesome shots that I am editing.

So on to updates…

  • I have decided that I am moving to Tennessee. This will happen next year, around springtime. I am nervous and extremely excited. I am praying that everything will go alright.
  • I am at a loss with my book, I just really don’t know what I could add to it to make it worth while reading.
  • I have went through some of my pictures and am narrowing them down. Were getting closer here.
  • As for the puzzles, I still haven’t decided on those at all. I keep changing my mind. Guess I’ll be posting a poll on some of my favorites and see what ya’ll think about it. Now just have to see how I am going to do that!

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