It’s that time of month again! I need to update you on what has been happening this month and what I am hoping to accomplish.

  • I have gotten a cart on my site, as well as, a wishlist. I have been very bad about putting products in for you to buy, but that will be changing.
  • I have finally gotten the core of my galleries up, I will be adding some landscapes, and possibly food. My galleries Fire and Spice and Serenity will be updated with different names for the images, Fire and Spice was at the point that I was just trying to get it up and looking good, and I said forget the names just get them up, so they sadly have basic and unimaginative names, Serenity I will be changing a few of the names because some just didn’t sit well with me.
  • I have gotten puzzles in and will be photographing them and placing them in my shop. I only have four different images on these puzzles. You can email me or comment below of any images you see that you’d like a puzzle in. I am taking requests right now, but now placing any orders. I want to see who is interested in what. If enough people like one image, I will then place an order. Currently they are 4×6 with 26 pieces. I am planning on aiming for larger puzzles like 16×20.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or jokes you can comment below or email me at

Also you can subscribe to emails from me when new products come in or if you just want a monthly update.

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