January 1st has come and gone. Reflecting on what this new year will bring, I delayed posting anything. I watched, I saw, and I plotted my course. I thought long and hard about what I was going to do this year, my goals, and where I wanted to be. Amongst all my plotting and goal setting I realized something. No matter what I do, I cannot predict the future. What I do is really predicated on certain things happening.

If these certain events don’t happen then I won’t reach some of my goals. How do I accomplish my goals despite what the future holds?

One way is to not plan anything. The other is to plan things you know you can accomplish without anything impacting it. The last one is to do all you can to accomplish it and if you fall short know that you did what you could, God will help with the rest.

My goals this year are as follows:

  • I want to be healthier. This means, to me, that I will exercise and eat foods that are good for me. I will still eat the unhealthy stuff, you know like cake and ice cream, but that won’t be a go to snack.
  • I want to take yoga and ballet classes.
  • Finally write my 1st draft of a book I have been wanting to write. No I am not talking about the mini book or the photobook I have been talking about. Those will be coming.
  • I want Arlegance to be my main source of income, so I can¬†finally get to say that I am a full time business owner.
  • To start a family, you know with the house and the pets, and spouse. Sad to say this has been on the list for many years. One year I will get this!

Some can be done regardless of what the future holds, some just can’t happen without the right things happening. I have believed in the past that these things not happening, my goals not being accomplished was a reflection on me. I just wasn’t good enough.

Not true, not one bit. I was and am good enough, the time is just not right for them to happen, or in some cases you aren’t going in the right direction. When I am not going in the right direction it is usually because I want it a certain way and am refusing to see things differently, or I am taking others advice and not following to what I believe is the best path for me.

Advice is good, very, very good. Until it’s not. I have learned this one trick to dealing with advise. I think about it, pray about it, then if I feel impressed to do it, I do it. If not, then I kick it to the curb and move on. Life is too short to waste it on things that don’t matter.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Leave a comment and tell me your goals for this year. Also feel free to browse through my galleries and find your favorite image.

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