Hello everyone! There is a few updates, but I have been focusing on just a few things and working mainly on the book. So, not really surprising. Let’s get down to business!

  • As I have already stated, I am working on my book. It will be taking a different take on things then I had originally thought, but that is okay by me. It has the chance to be better than I imagined.
  • Business cards will be getting a new look. I have several ideas that I am looking into and seeing if I can do them. Plus, which ones I think will portray my business best. I can’t wait till I get to share the ideas with you!
  • There are some new photos that are being edited, just a few a day. I have also been playing around with cover ideas while I photoshop.
  • Lastly, I am working to get into a boutique, one that fits my style and that I can work well with. I have a few ideas about where I am looking into, but I still have a lot of research ahead of me.

Like I said not a lot of things to update you on, but the few that I do have a am stoked for. I can’t wait to you see them all. If you would like to get more updates from me, you can sign up for my email. Also don’t forget to share. Comment below what you think the business cards will look like.

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