The past couple of months I have been out of touch with my site and business. I have been thinking long and hard about what changes need to be made and how to accomplish them. I have some exciting changes coming up with goals that I am planning on completing. But first let me say that my blog will be changing to encompass many different topics, all of which will help you out.

I wanted share my prints and passion with you, and inspire a balanced lifestyle when I started my blog. My goal is to create information helps you reach a lifestyle that will bring peace, love, and joy into your life. Consequently many factors go into a balanced lifestyle, so I will be talking about them in my blog. Look out for those articles!

I am opening up and doing portraits again, my first session is this Saturday for a 2 year anniversary. It will be in a cotton field, praying the weather is nice! I can’t wait to create beautiful images with a wonderful couple. In addition to the session, I get a road trip!

Lastly, if anyone has any info that they think will help create a balanced lifestyle, let me know by writing in the comments or emailing me @ Plus you can sign up for my email list down below! Don’t forget to check out my social media sites for little bit of info that will be dropping!


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