Interior design does more than just give you a pretty place to live. It helps showcase your personality, provide a place where you can find your center, and find a positive happy environment in which you can relax and find peace. It’s all about finding that right color, furniture placement, and the right pieces to say this is my home.

Finding the right color

Colors help us feel certain emotions. They help brighten or darken a place, make it feel bigger or smaller, or even give you energy to keep going.

Warm colors (yellow, red and orange) can make rooms feel smaller or cozier, they also can heighten emotions and passions, joy, and playfulness. They are stimulating which helps keep up energy (great for a workout room).

Cool colors (blue, green, and purple) can calm and soothe you. They remind us of the sky, water, and breathtaking landscapes. These colors are often found in small spaces since they help the room feel bigger. These colors make you feel meditative and a natural for rooms in which you want to relax in.

Furniture placement

How you place your furniture can help with the flow and balance of your rooms. Decide first what the room will be used for and what the focus will be. Like if there is a fireplace or a pot where you want the television. You’d want to be able to see those from any chair, or if the room is where you plan on hosting parties, you may want the furniture to face each other to heighten conversation.

Understanding how everyone will move throughout the house will also help you decide where furniture should go. You wouldn’t want people constantly walking right in front of the television while it was being used. Similarly, you don’t want a piece of furniture covering an entranceway or blocking an easy route to get somewhere.

The right pieces

The right pieces could be throw pillows, stunning artwork, or even that solid side table. These pieces’ help to bring a flare of your personality to life and visuals to tell your story. They can provide a sense of who you are as an individual or a group. They can help a piece stand out or provide comfort for you. Either way using pieces that speak to you and showcase your style will help put the finishing touches to your room and provide a feeling of home.

Understanding how decorating your home makes you feel, the colors, and pieces you use, can make a huge difference on how you feel. It can be the difference of a happy home or a hectic home. It can also be the difference of a healthy you. Everything we surround ourselves with, affect us for the good or the bad. Making the choice to bring happiness to your life, through interior design and a healthy lifestyle, helps you to become more emotionally fit.  ow you place your furniture can

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