I was born and raised in a LDS military family. About every two years life changed, but the gospel always stayed the same. It has become the one constant in my life of wild ideas and crazy trips. Some of which I am surprised I survived, but wouldn’t change for the lessons I have learned.
I got my associates at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Moved to Utah, and tried to start my own business taking portraits. While I tried my hand in that, I took my camera and turned it on the beauty of Utah. Over a couple of years I discovered I loved my nature shots more then I loved my people shots. I didn’t think at that time that I could make a living off of fine art, that was reserved for the few lucky people who made it in that part of the industry.
I struggled with my portrait business, meaning I wasn’t making it but I was stubborn and kept trying. After leaving Utah, I decided I was done with portraits, I was pursuing my fine art and not stopping. Why do something that terrified me over something that I enjoyed and loved. I knew, because everyone said that I was likely not going to succeed, that I may become successful after I died. Thanks! I am going to try anyways.
A little bit about my work. Most of my work is macro, with a big emphasis in flowers. I also love landscapes, especially when water is involved or even sunsets. I know every single time I step out of the hustle of everyday life and step into the calm of nature, I can reconnect with myself, feel the peace and joy that I sometimes forget is always there. The places I go are different: different states, cities, and people, but nature is the same everywhere I go. It welcomes my intrusion and gives me the time I need to reflect, reconnect, and let go of the negative in my life and find the joy and bliss. I wanted to share that with you, in your homes and in your life.

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