Welcome to Arlegance Photography! My name is Megan Phillips, and I am the owner and founder of Arlegance. I know it is a weird name, and most find it hard to pronounce (R-la-gance). The origins of the name come from “Art” and “Elegance” I dropped two letters and mashed them together. This was after telling my co-worker at the time that for a group of creative individuals, Photographers were pretty lame at naming their businesses.

Think about it. The business names are usually Your Name Photography. So I decided to be creative. After so many years of having Arlegance as my business name I realized why everyone choose to use their name, it’s easier to build a brand around your name in photography. But I like the challenge, plus I like that most hesitate to say my business name. It’s like they’re afraid they will pronounce it wrong, which is highly amusing to me.

I might be a little mean, since I enjoy watching or hearing them struggle over the name. If they even try saying it. I love when I get sales calls from other businesses who ask for the owner of the business, instead of the owner of Arlegance! Like I said highly amused.

A little about why I shoot what I shoot! I started in portrait way back in 2010. My business name didn’t come until later that year or in 2011. I lived in Utah and thought photography meant portraits. Liked it at first, but was soon swamped with the fact that I was just one in a million photographers in my city alone. I struggled with the fact that I was good, but not good enough. I compared myself to others. It wasn’t until I saw a photo of a family being framed by a local store, that I realized it wasn’t my talent that was lacking, it was my marketing. The picture was good, just out of focus.

The photographer was using Auto instead of manual, which is fine, if you know what you are doing with it. While in Auto she snapped the shot, lighting was good, posing was great. Focus was off, the camera focused right between two heads, making the photo blurry in all the wrong areas. It wasn’t awful, just annoyingly wrong. You know when you know something is just not right but you can’t point out what it is. That is what this photo did, seeing it made me realize, I didn’t actually have to be good at what I did, I just had to market myself right.

I also realized that I had lost the joy and connection I once had with portraits. I found a new passion, nature. Within that I discovered macro. I love the close ups, I love the pretty flowers and vibrant colors. Most of all, I love the way these images speak to me. I know that they do speak to others. Not just as something pretty to hang on the walls, but as something to bring happiness and joy. My goal turned from capturing fabricated moments, to moments in time with nature. A brief, fleeting moment of peace and joy. One that is found with every bloom and every dew laden leaf.

I found, through all the difficult moments in my life, that my solace was walking in nature, with the beauty of flowers surrounding me, the sweet music of water, and the gentle breeze caressing my face. Those moments helped me get through hard times, and they are the things I want to share with the world. My peace, my comfort, my strength.

So take a look around! Browse the Galleries, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family. Email me at admin@arlegancephotography.com with any comments, questions, requests, or jokes!

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