Happy belated New Years! It’s that time of year to create goals and resolutions. A time of renewing. A time of change.Which is exactly what we are going to be talking about! I set a few of my own. We’ll talk about them and then talk about the importance of keeping your goals.

I moved just to shake things up a bit. So, not only am I in a new area, I am changing several things.

Originally, portraits is what I did, with a few side shots into nature and other things. Now my focus will be nature. Getting into Fine Art Photography! Which is the harder one to get into. Everyone wants portraits, but only a few will pay for fine art.

Another goal is to start over. I needed to let go completely of my old surroundings, nothing wrong with them. I, however, felt boxed in. Trapped to staying the same. Expected to do the same things over and over. Not sure about all the details on this one, which is still a work in progress, but I hope that it will push me to grow and change. Develop more skills and bring new adventures.

On to why we should keep our goals!

The main reason we should keep our goals is simply for the fact that it’s a boost in confidence. Don’t you ever feel more accomplished and better about yourself when you finish at least one task? It can be simple things like make your bed, make dinner, finish that project you started on months ago. These little things make us feel better about who we are, we feel like we can do things, we can accomplish anything.

Which is the reason you should keep your goals, even if it seems hard and impossible, or you start to lack motivation. Find a way to keep going and see how keeping them makes you feel. Leave a comment below to tell me what your goals are and how you plan to accomplish them! Also don’t forget to share on your favorite social site, your friends and family might like to join in.

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