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Today we are talking about being organized. I am terrible with it so this will be a fun article. That or I should have asked my sister to write this. She’s way better at organizing then I am. And as you read this article you will find out why. So keep reading!


The best way to keep your home or space looking nice, sane, and clean is to declutter the area frequently. Personally, I believe this should happen at least once a week. This can be one area in your home. Start with your storage areas, then move on to your living areas.  

Starting with your storage areas allows you to know how much space you have and where you can put things you don’t want to see away. A personal favorite way of doing this is pick a day of the week and have that as a day you declutter. Don’t try doing your whole house that day, pick an area and do that on the day you choose. Next week pick a different area. 

Depending on how many rooms or areas you have, will depend on how often you rotate through your house. 

Keep like things together

Keeping like things together helps you find what you need, as well as making your house look organized. Place all your bills in one area, all your cords in one area, all your important documents in one area. You get the point. 

If you have kids, having a place they put all their school permission slips and documents that you have to see will help you know what is going on in school and them able to do field trips and fun things at school. Nothing gets lost in transition. 

And if you like crafting like I do, keeping to one area of your home will help you keep all your projects from taking. As well as, making it easier to find your projects and their materials. 

Plan out your day

When you wake you, add this tip to your morning routine. Take about 5-10 minutes to plan out your day in the morning.  Make sure to put at the top of your list the most important things to accomplish. This will help you stay on top of cleaning your house, getting projects done on time, and give you some peace of mind to how your day will look. 

The best way I’ve heard on how to do this, is to wake up and plan out your day, do your morning routine while thinking of whats important. Sometimes other tasks will come to you, add them in. After you finish your morning routine, place your tasks in order of importance. Then go about your day checking off what you do accomplish. What isn’t accomplished today do tomorrow. 

Unless of course its a project due tomorrow. That needed to be on your list higher and should be done before you go to bed. Guilty!

Place freestanding cabinets in unused corners

If you have a lot of stuff you want to keep out of sight, and some unused awkward spaces or corners, use some freestanding cabinets to add storage space to your home. Make sure they go up your wall instead of away from your wall. You don’t want to take up more floor space then needed. Using freestanding cabinets in you home will help you use unused spaces while making your house look organized. 

Freestanding cabinets can be used in many ways. You can have some hold decor, papers, less used things, as a place to put important documents or keys. Getting one in a style that can be multi-functional is great because you can use is for more then one thing. 

Don’t Procrastinate

This is my favorite thing to do! I can do it tomorrow, there is no need to worry about it today. Procrastinating gets me into more trouble then I care to admit. If you want to stay organized or get anything done, do it the moment you think of it or write it down to do at your next free moment. 

Also if you are holding something, like laundry, put it away after you are done touching it. Instead of places they don’t go, like the floor or on top of your bench. They usually don’t get put away until much later, or when you know someone is coming and you don’t want them seeing your mess. Company is great, they make sure us procrastinators are actually getting things done. 

Fun story about me. I have noticed that when I need to do something, anything that I really don’t want to do. I will put it off, until someone comes over and then I will start on it and have them see me working a little bit on the project I needed to get done. But the moment they are gone. I don’t go back to the project, instead I go do random things that aren’t important. Like read a book, or look for ideas to craft, write about, or just to waste time with. And then when the project is supposed to be done, I will rush through it to accomplish it, or if it is something I can get away without doing, it doesn’t ever get done. I’m bad, I know. 

Think vertical

This tip helps save space as well as keeping you organized. The less floor space you use the better. It keeps your house from looking crowded and messy. Have you ever been to a home where it seems like every inch of floor space is covered up or being used? I personally feel like I can’t move around the place, or that I have to be very careful when I do so I don’t disturb anything. 

Big open spaces allow you to feel less cluttered and less busy. When you have a good open space you can relax a little. Think of field and beaches. To help create an open feeling, using furniture and storage space that go up rather then out will help with this. 

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