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Here is my journey into becoming a Fine Artist. Even though it’s a harder field to get into and most often times you work more then one job to make ends meet. Becoming a Fine Artist was a journey. A journey of self exploration, and growth. I learned a lot and am still learning a lot. 

How it all started

I started at BUY-I trying for a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art emphasis in Photography. Managed 2 years, enough to get my Associates when I felt this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go. Decided to get my Associates and walk away. I could come back anytime I wanted. Still haven’t!

I moved to Utah, lived in a tiny apartment and then found a room to rent in someones house. Worked at a portrait studio with an amazing co-worker and manager. Then decided to start a personal business doing my own portraits while I working at the portrait studio. Very slow going. I didn’t really know how or where to get started, so I just played it by ear. Research is your friend!

During that time, my sister called and said her husband was being deployed. This leaving her alone with a 2 year old and pregnant, the child due during his deployment. The last time she gave birth, she almost died. I moved down to her and help out while her husband was gone. Still striving to getting my own photography business to go while I lived with her. More productive then Utah, but not by much.

It didn’t grow, and I lost desire. I still wanted to, but I felt that I was lacking in capability. Thought that learning how to edit photos, or how to take better photos would help. As it turned out,  I compared myself to others, and told myself I would never be as good as them. 

After the baby was born, I went back to Utah. And lived in a home of a wonderful roommate. I tried to continue to do portrait photography, but I started to realize that I liked my candid, nature shots. This is when I started to transition into Fine Art.

Shifting to Fine Art

Fine art, one of the most difficult careers to get into. So many different ways to go about it.  I tried farmers markets (not really for the fine artist), craft fairs (again not for my style), I tried blogging (yep, still here!), and I tried multiple sites that would help sell my work.

Read blogs on how to get started, how to market, how to sell artwork online, how to do all of it. I can tell you right now, they gave some really good advise. Advise that I tried to make work for me. I never did. Now, I know why.

I wasn’t connected to myself. My images I took, were things I liked, but not an exploration of me. Art is an artist bearing a piece of their soul. I took pictures, pretending that I was an artist. Like a puppet, I went through the motions, but not the feelings. I took the best parts of who I was and tucked them away into a deep dark abyss inside me. Then I tried to be me.

FIne art, Iris, flower, floral, flora
One of my favorite images I have captured. Mainly because it’s purple.

What I did made no sense. Me as a person, I am wonderful, and capable of so much more then what I have shown. My journey to Fine Art lead me on a journey to myself. One that I am still taking. The reason I am a Fine Artist is to become me, to become an expression that others cannot express. 

Long post, sorry! But I felt like I needed to tell this story. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share. Comment below your self discoveries, and don’t forget to check out my gallery and memberships!

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